AWS Data Lifecycle Manager - To Automate EC2 AMI Backup

AWS Data Lifecycle Manager - To Automate EC2 AMI Backup

AWS LifeCycle Manager - THe complete Backup solution for Your EC2 instance ###

You can use Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager to automate the creation, retention, and deletion of EBS snapshots and EBS-backed AMIs. When you automate snapshot and AMI management, it helps you to:

  • Protect valuable data by enforcing a regular backup schedule.
  • Create standardized AMIs that can be refreshed at regular intervals.
  • Retain backups as required by auditors or internal compliance.
  • Reduce storage costs by deleting outdated backups.
  • Create disaster recovery backup policies that back up data to isolated accounts.

When combined with the monitoring features of Amazon CloudWatch Events and AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager provides a complete backup solution for Amazon EC2 instances and individual EBS volumes at no additional cost.

I will explain here how to automate backup of our ec2 instance as AMI backup.

Automate EC2 AMI Backup

  • In the EC2 console go to LifeCycle Manager under Elastic block store section.


  • Then goto create lifecycle policy the drop down it have 3 options.
  • EBS Snapshot Policy

  • EBS-Backed AMI Policy

  • Cross Account copy event policy

I am selecting EBS-Backed AMI Policy. image.png

  • Before that check the TAG of your EC2 instance which one you want to take AMI Backup


  • In the Policy Select the Target resource type your instance TAG and its value and add.


  • Mention the AMI Decryption here.


  • If you have custom Values for IAM role and Tagging options change here. otherwise leave it default options.



  • Configure Schedule for our AMI Backup policy

Here you want to mention your custom values for the below fields.

Schedule Name


Every (Hours,Days,Week)

Starting at (time)

Retention type (how many copy of AMIs you want)



  • Review and Create the policy image.png


  • Check after your Scheduled time in the EC2 AMI Section. Your policy create the EC2 backup as AMI. image.png

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