Docker Most Using Commands.

Docker Most Using Commands.

In this article I am going to explain most using docker commands.

If you want to know how to install docker check my previous article.

1. To Check the installed docker version

sudo  docker --version

2 . To download the image from docker hub.its not need yout docker hub login. its pull public images only.

syntax : docker pull [imagename]

sudo docker pull httpd

3. TO list out all the locally available lmages

sudo docker images

4. To view all available local docker images

sudo docker images -a

5. To run the container from available images

sudo docker run -it  --name [container_name]  [image_name] /bin/bash

6. To list out running containers

sudo docker ps

7. To list all the docker containers running/exited/stopped with container details.

sudo docker ps -a

8. To Login to the docker container

sudo docker exec -i -t [container_name] /bin/bash

9. To Copy all files from current location to the docker container

COPY . /usr/share/nginx/html/

10. To Copy files from container to base host os

sudo docker cp 09ca6feb6efc:/usr/local/apache2/logs/ /home/ubuntu/

Run docker from image with port mapping

sudo docker run -t -i --name venketbio <contname> -d -p 80:80 589589/venketbio <imagename>

11. To start the container

sudo docker start [container_name]

12. To stop the container

sudo docker stop [container_name]

13. To restart the conatiner

sudo docker restart [container_name]

14. To stop the container forcefully

sudo docker kill [container_name]

15. To stop and remove all running containers.

sudo docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

16. To remove the docker container

sudo docker rm  [container_name]

17. To remove docker images

sudo docker rmi [image_name]

18. To remove all the docker images

sudo docker rmi $(docker images -a -q)

19. To login to the docker hub / its asking username and password for docker hub.

sudo docker login

20. TO tag the image

sudo docker tag imagename dockerhubname/new_or_same_imagename

sudo docker tag nginx_lb 589589/nginx_lb

21. To push the image to docker hub

syntax: sudo docker push dockerhubname/new_or_same_imagename

docker push 589589/nginx_lb

22. To Pull public image from docker hub

docker pull 589589/nginx_lb

23. To commit the docker image

Actually if make any changes to the container and wan to create new image from that ,the commit option is for that.

sudo docker commit [CONTAINER_ID] [new_image_name]

24. To check the specific container login

 sudo docker logs [conatiner_name]

25. Get detailed information about docker installed on the system including the kernel version, number of containers and images, etc.

sudo docker info

26. To Commit Conatiner as Image for push to docker hub


27. Filter the docker container using port number stop and remove it.

docker rm $(docker stop $(docker ps -a -q --filter expose=8080/tcp))

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