OpenFire Server Installation with domain controller integration

OpenFire Server Installation with domain controller integration

Prerequisite for Open Fire Server 4.0.3

  1. Domain controller
  2. Open Fire 4.0.3
  3. MySQL Server 5.7

Prepare Your Front End Server

1.Server must be part of domain

2.Install & Configure MYSQL Server

3.Create the Database for openfire in MYSQL

Installation part

  1. First Download Open fire from this link

for Install the Server application and start the installation. the language from the drop down list.

of 1.JPG

3.Click Next


4.Accept the Agreement

of3.JPG 5.Choose installation path


of5.JPG 6.Finish of7.JPG Configuration part

1.Run open fire as Administrator in this location c:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire\bin\openfire.exe on this console click lunch admin, if you want to manage the server of8.JPG

2.alternatively you can open this URL to manage the server


First set your language

3.on this windows we will configure authentication server type

  • Set your domain name

  • Default ports for Admin http:9090 https:9091

  • Provide the encryption key for the server


4.Here we are going to configure database connection for this server.Select Standard Database connection (We are already installed the MySQL server and database created )

of10 .JPG

5.Here we are going to configure MySQL driver and its credentials.

  • Select MYSQL in the dropdown box in database driver presets
  • Set JDBC driver class as com.mysql.jdbc.driver
  • Provide the database username and password

    click continue

of11 .JPG

6.Select Directory server LDAP

of12 .JPG

7.In this windows

Set the LDAP Server properties

  • Server type as Active directory

  • host name as Server ip


Set Authentication properties

  • set administrator DN: CN=openfire,CN=Users,DC=AD,DC=LMSlight,DC=COM

provide the Admin password for ad integration and click Next

of13 .JPG

8.In the User mapping windows just Set sAMAccountName in username field Next

of14 a .JPG

of14 b .JPG

click Save and continue

9.In the group mapping window Set the below inputs

  • group field : cn

  • member field :member

  • Description field :description

Click save and continue


10.The open fire configuration is completed.


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